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1/25/13 Serbia

Celebrate Bob Marley's birthday in Novi Sad and Belgrade with Hornsman Coyote LIVE!

Hornsman Coyote will perform with Balkan Music Box Riddim in Belgrade (2/8) and Novi Sad (2/9) to mark the beginning of the tour celebrating the birth of the reggae music legend Bob Marley!

Marley Birthday Serbia flyer 2013

For decades, the birthday of Bob Marley (February 6th) is celebrated worldwide throughout the month of February as holiday of the icon of popular culture, whose strong message and sound influenced generations, spreading the message of love and peace. According to some the very first superstar of the "third" world, the man who introduced the mystic power of reggae music to the planet, Marley has become a global symbol of rebellion against the injustices of the world system of greed - Babylon.

Hornsman Coyote, the internationally renowned reggae artist from Serbia, whose single Belly of the Beast raised a lot of dust on the international music scene, will begin the national concert tour with two concerts dedicated to Bob Marley in Belgrade Cultural Center "Božidarac" on February 8th and in Novi Sad club "The Quarter" on February 9th. After the artist's numerous tours across continents the crowd in Serbia will finally get the opportunity to experience his music live with an eight pieces Balkan Music Box Riddim, composed of the most talented Serbian musicians of this genre. In honor of the legend of reggae sound Hornsman Coyote will perform his choice of songs of Bob Marley together with his songs. Young talented band CheGuerillaz will perform as the opening act on Belgrade celebration.


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