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6/18/13 Belgrade, Serbia

Exhibition of rock photography by Marko Ristic in Belgrade Youth Center 9-28th of July, 2013

Exhibition Frozen Tones by Marko Ristic, testimony to the vibrancy of rock and roll, will be open on 9th of July in the hall Americana of Belgrade Youth Center with exclusive unplugged performances of Hornsman Coyote, Tea Break, Mortal Kombat and The Liberators.

Zamrznuti tonovi baner

Zamrznuti tonovi Faith No More by Marko RisticYears of photographic work of chief editor of Nocturne Magazine Marko Ristic, experiential moments of climax from thousands of rock concerts, are selected and assembled into the exhibition Frozen Tones. The three-week exhibition will open on 9th of July at 19:00 in the lobby of the hall Americana of Belgrade Youth Center with exclusive acoustic performances of a rastaman Hornsman Coyote, fierce punk rock of Tea Break, metallic and hilarious Mortal Kombat and veteran Serbian melodic punk The Liberators.

Zamrznuti tonovi Prodigy by Marko RisticThe exhibition clearly demonstrates the vitality and richness of the local music scene and pleasure of foreign artists who have appeared on our stages. Movements stopped, frozen tones, in the photos look as if screaming to continue in full force of a perfect moment in your imagination or memory. Part of the cultural mission of the author, Nocturne Magazine and their friends is to present this exhibition to as many people as possible across the region.

About his photographs Marko says: "Digital photography has brought a wealth of opportunities and access to technology, but did not reduce the responsibility of the author to grab the moment and to transfer it to the audience.  I photograph what I am living for, that moment of celebration of life at rock concerts, when everything in sync - the audience and the artists and sound and light and movement and mood ... "

The exhibition is organized by the NGO What Do You Want and Belgrade Youth Center, in partnership with Nocturne Magazine and Balkan Music Box .


Photographed rock authors gave their views about Marko Ristic's photographic work:

Zamrznuti tonovi Elemental by Marko Ristic"The audience does not know how hard it is to find a concert photographer who knows how to catch that "one" special moment ...If he moreover manages to capture a moment that is special for the band, you know you've found a person who knows how to capture the magic with his lens. Only artfully eye can spot that instant. And Marko is such an author... I wish him many more great concerts and photos! "

Remi / Elemental


Zamrznuti tonovi Coyote by Marko Ristic"I think that the work of Marko Ristic can be defined as a professional rock art photography. Each photo has a multi-dimensional perspective. The most important thing is that he manages to express the emotion that artist gives at the time. Anyway, I would give Marko, without any authorization, right to publish my photos anywhere and whenever, because I have absolute confidence in his work."

Nemanja Kojic Coyote (akaHORNSMAN COYOTE) / EYESBURN


Zamrznuti tonovi Goblini by Marko Ristic"While watching the photos of Marko Ristic, I get the impression that by using a two-dimensional medium he actually manages to convey to us the third dimension and bring us into the magical world of rock and roll where we, as mere observers, in fact, become active witnesses of the events to the extent that we can smell it. His photographs are unpredictable and full of those beautiful surprises, not only when we are passive observers of the same, but when we ourselves are the targets of his lenses. Following Marko's development during the last few years, I am impatient to see in which direction it will develop, and what good can be expected from him in the future. "

Branko Golubovic Golub / GOBLINI


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