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1/30/13 World

VIDEO PREMIERE: Hornsman Coyote & BMB Riddim - Seems Like Revolution Live

Hornsman Coyote's new song "Seems Like Revolution" was recorded live in December 2012 on the concert with the Balkan Music Box Riddim, and video is connecting reggae message with global fight against injustice and inequality

Hornsman Coyote LIVE DOB

In the midst of preparing for the concerts in honor of Bob Marley's birthday, which are already scheduled for Belgrade (8/2) and Novi Sad (9/2), Balkan Music Box presents a new song and video of Hornsman Coyote - Seems Like Revolution. Concert performance of the song was recorded at the festival 100% LIVE in Belgrade Youth Centre on 9th December last year. Author video creatively links the meaning of the song with images of reality.

When asked about the message and strong political engagement of the song Coyote replied: "I do not like to comment on my songs, I sing what I think and feel. I mean, if we all live in a global "belly of the beast" the need for change is obvious. After all the concerts I played in all parts of the world, I felt at home at this stage, relaxed with friends, and I'm so glad that you can see it in the video. I really hope that we will be in a situation to share this sound of peace and love everywhere. Because people are the same everywhere, with the very same problems, we all need to learn to share."



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