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Omar Pene

Omar Pene stands as an international African star and one of the most popular singers in Senegal After 30 years performing with the Super Diamono of Dakar, he is now representing his new solo project - progressive bluesy-funky-soulful brand of local fusion with a much more acoustic sound.

Dakar, Senegal

Omar Pene

Omar Pene (born 1956 in Dakar) is the emblematic lead singer of the Super Diamono. His musical style baptized as "afro-feeling" is a mixture of Senegalese sounds such as mbalax and influences drawn from the blues and jazz. His lyrics (about chronic social issues, paying homage or educational messages), his tumultuous and anti-conformist history (as a child, left his parents' house for the street), and his simplicity, as much as his music, has won him the admiration of his fans.

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