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Queen Ifrica & Tony Rebel

The queen of Jamaican dancehalls, Queen Ifrica, and one of the most important producers of the island, Tony Rebel, will be together for an energetic show mixing roots, nu roots and dancehall.


Queen Ifrica & Tony Rebel

Jamaican singer/toaster Ventrice Morgan, aka Queen Ifrica, will no doubt go down in history as having provided one of the most sobering and controversial reggae hits of the late 2000s: the hard-hitting single "Daddy," which deals with child molestation and incest. Reggae has a long history of tackling heavy social and political topics, and Ifrica didn't hesitate to offer some no-nonsense social commentary when she co-wrote and recorded "Daddy." Despite the song's disturbing subject matter, it was a major hit in both Jamaica and England (which has long had a large Afro-Caribbean population and is second only to Jamaica as the world's largest reggae market). Ifrica, however, was making a name for herself in reggae long before the release of "Daddy," and she has been making her mark as a singer who is also a dancehall toaster. Much like certain R&B vocalists who can rap as proficiently as they sing, Ifrica is both a proficient singer and a proficient toaster.Ifrica has steered clear of the hedonism, gun talk, and gangsta imagery that have been common in dancehall; her more sociopolitical lyrics have reflected her Rastafarian beliefs, although she has also performed her share of lovers rock.

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Tony Rebel sings a peaceful, roots-oriented form of dancehall music designed to inspire his audience to take a more positive approach to life and social change. Born Patrick Barrett, Rebel is a Rastafarian, but rather than simply creating serious, philosophical tunes, he infuses his music with a lighthearted, liberal-leaning dose of humor. Prior to becoming a recording artist in the 1990s, he spent 14 years playing the local dancehall circuit. Examples of his uplifting approach to dancehall can be heard on his 1993 album Vibes of Time; other releases include 1998's If Jah.

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