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Gantzy Gang

Rhythm and Blues of Serbian Brass

Belgrade, Serbia

Gantzy Gang School of Brass

Pushed to the margins of society by painful transition, the most virtuous Serbian musicians from North and South decided to unite and form the first public and artistic criminal syndicate – Gantzy Gang. They have but one aim – to take what is rightfully theirs – the honor of being listened to at the culmination of every party, the moment when consumers all over the globe let go; drop inhibitions, fear, negativity, and go crazy.

In their secret laboratory/hide-out, under protection and with guidance of not one, but two godfathers of contemporary music, mysterious Mr. Pejovic and Mr. Krstajic, Gantzy Gang has prepared an irresistible mix of music madness. Let this be a warning for you. Serbian roots brass mixed with Rhythm and Blues and other musical traditions of international social margins, causes severe addiction, loss of sanity and the sense of the material world.

The South of Serbia, where brass runs through the veins, is represented by the whole Demiran Ćerimovic family brass orchestra “Pearls of Vranje”, counts 9 pieces of hot metal. They have won the Triple Crown on Gucha International Trumpet Festival, and solo trumpetist and leader of the Southern branch of Gantzy Gang, Mr. Demiran Ćerimović has won the title of Master of Trumpet; his name engraved on the table of trumpet history. His relentless crew of young and experienced hotheads doesn’t spare its self or anyone anybody else.

Capitol of Serbia - dark, urban, overpopulated centre of the country, is represented by people who studied the crime of music on the stages of smoky blues, rock and folk clubs. Their individual experience could form the scenario of a crime thriller, but Gantzy Gang united their strengths and talents around grass roots ideas and gave them the opportunity to shine, playing music they’ve dreamed of. Dreaming shouldn’t be considered weakness; it doesn’t make them any less dangerous, such as the moment when your stomach picks up a perfect bass line or your legs start moving as drummer commands, or when you feel sadness or happiness running from blues harp. Beware!

Gantzy Gang School of Blues

You will not understand what hit you, why your hands are rising, why your legs are jumpy, why your head is spinning; when the deep blues voice and moaning harmonica unite with the unified roar of trumpets, with a rhythm that does not allow the listener to take a breath, just let go and feel the Celebration of life!