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(ENG: Writing in Gold) Serbian musical tradition in a new masterful cut!

Belgrade, Serbia

Nebojša i Ljuba sviraju

Zlatopis, Medieval way of copying important records by hand in gold, is the name of a bend that brought together authors of different generations, led by legendary rocker Ljuba Ninkovic. This seven-member band combines traditional Serbian harmony and rhythm, unison and polyphonic singing, with modern production of world music and elements of psychedelic folk rock. Macka B, famous English reggae singer, appeared as a special guest star on the song "Jadna ja" (ENG: Poor Me) that is scheduled to be published on the beginning of Summer 2012.

Zlatopis was formed from the band Stupovi, which was formed in 2000 for humanitarian action of renewal of the medieval monastery Djurdjevi Stupovi in Ras and lasted up to 2010. Upon completion of this project, the group leader Ljuba Ninkovic, whose musical career spans from the mid 1960's, along with the musical core of the previous band, began a new musical adventure whose purpose is to make a harmonious blend of traditional Balkan sounds and vibrations brought by the contemporary trends in music, especially world music and elements of psychedelic folk rock. They have started this journey from the belief that there is a common ground that makes the traditional music of one nation understandable to others, and that is sincerity in respond to spiritual, social, emotional and psychological needs of community, which have been the same or similar for all nations through history. When we put all this in the framework of contemporary musical expression it can easily correspond to contemporary listener by building a two-way highway in his mind - towards a joint origins of civilization and back.