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Balkan pop star going back to the roots.

Belgrade, Serbia

Knez Bellvile randes-vous

A lot has been said and written about Balkans and Balkan music. It has been done on various occasions, in many ways and with different intentions. It might seem at the first sight, that there is nothing to add, nothing more to say, nothing new to catch attention. However, with his new interpretation of the well know Balkan ethno sound, Nenad Knežević Knez, makes us believe that miracles are still possible. All you have to do is to believe in miracles.

THE MAGIC OF BALKAN with its 12 very well know Balkan ethno classics in a new interpretation by Knez sounds so different that it is only fair to say that it represents a brand new music creation and that the songs have so strong author’s stamp that regardless of their long popularity with the local public, they sound in a completely new way that requires a new listener.

There have been similar attempts in the past. Often have various artists tried to take contemporary, fresh approach to delivery of the musical classics of their respective ethno heritage, especially on the composition and arrangement side. However, what makes Nenad’s endeavor outstanding is his interpretation, his vocal expression that once again reestablished him as a great singer whose vocal skills and potential definitely belong to that magical space in which music dwells.

Written by: Miloš Janković